Cater to employees’whole-person well being

Fit Office:Relaxation Exercise in the Workplace

  • Understanding and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Does computer work harm?
  • Proper posture and habit for working
  • Relaxation exercise and practice

Aroma Massage for Releasing Stress

Take Care of Elderly's Emotion


  • 了解坊間五花百門的中醫成藥與保健產品及其功效
  • 認識中醫成藥與保健產品之成份、營養價值及用途
  • 服用中醫成藥與保健產品的謬誤及注意事項


  • 環保與素食:食素Vs低碳
  • 盤點素食主義:素食的好處
  • 健康茹素:素食的陷阱
  • 素食吃甚麼?:最「營」素食食譜

A Fit Mind on Board︰Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Basic understanding on mental health
  • Mental problems in the workplace
  • Mental health first aid︰one's and other's emotion
  • Effective ways to prevent mental / mood disorder
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:no limit

Office Gym:To Train Up Your Lower Body

How to Formulate Distance Running Training Plan

Lymphatic Drainage Massage


  • 中醫角度如何看肺炎
  • 如何增強自身免疫力
  • 食療湯水介紹
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