Cater to employees’whole-person well being


  • 素食營養學:健康茹素
  • 蔬菜牛排:蘑菇營養價值與功效
  • 蘑菇大全:營養學家最推10大菇菇
  • 蘑菇有毒:過敏痛風點算好?
  • 蘑菇食譜:蘑菇怎麼吃?


Is It Really Dryness?Body Constitution in Chinese Medicine

  • Are han(cold) and re(heat) the only types of body constitution?
  • The nine common types of body constitutions
  • Is shifting of body constitution possible?
  • Chinese medicine theories on body constitutions

Brain Matters – Understanding Dementia and Care for the Elderly

  • Introduction to Dementia and The Causes and Symptoms of Cognitive Impairment
  • The Situation of Dementia in Hong Kong
  • How to Deal with Cognitive Impairment and Support Services
  • Communication Techniques with Elderly Individuals with Dementia

Suggested duration: 1.5 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Undress Your Stress: Take Stress into Your Stride HOT

  • Test Your Stress: Assess Your Stress Level with Psychometric Tools
  • Understand Stress In & Out: The Origins & Symptoms of Stress
  • Tackle Your Stress: Stress Management Techniques in Daily Life
  • Challenge Your Thinking: Positive Reframing Techniques

Suggested duration: 1.5-3.5 hours
Class size: no limit


  • 2020最佳飲食:地中海飲食的特色
  • 最強12功效:地中海飲食的好處
  • 實踐地中海:早午晚地中海餐單

Nourishing Liver and Rejuvenating Hair︰Liver Care in Chinese Medicine

  • Chinese Medicine and Health Care
  • Analysis on liver functions from chinese medicine perspective
  • Prevention and treatment on premature white hair and hair loss
  • Diet for vibrant and energized men and glowing women


  • 甜蜜陷阱:教你分辨糖、醣
  • 識飲識食:好醣與壞醣你懂嗎?
  • 減醣生活:醣是健康瘦身的關鍵
  • 減醣飲食法:自製健康低醣餐單


Positive Fuel Station -- Fighting Against Burnout in The Workplace NEW

  • Burnout in The Office: Understanding Burnout Syndrome
  • Are You Exhausted? 12 Stages of Burnout Assessment
  • Recharging Your Soul: Coping Strategies for Different Types of Burnout

Suggested duration: 1-1.5 hours
Class size: no limit

Treatment to Mental Illness with Chinese Medicine︰Pressure Release in Chinese Medicine

  • Emotion and Illness︰Illness induced by seven emotions?
  • Chinese medicine health cultivation in six words
  • Pressure release dietary and acupuncture points recommendations


  • 半素食主義:什麼是彈性素食主義?
  • 是日Plant-based diet:如何靈活地自訂無肉日
  • 素肉比例:營養學家教你如何進行Part-time素食


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