The cost of supervising subordinates can be high while productivity can go down unless they are motivated and their potential are tapped. This systematic series aims at elevating managers ‘leadership, coaching and motivational skills. Through case studies of difficult employees, participants can effectively transfer the skills to their everyday supervision. What’s more, this series aims at equipping managers with cross-generational management, change management and crisis management skills.
This systematic series covers front-line supervision to top-level management. Our professional trainers has rich experience and in-depth understanding in a wide range of industries and management cultures. Tailor-made workshops are available to maximize learning effectiveness.

Leaders VS Managers︰High Performance Leadership Skills

  • Seven Corporate Culture and Leadership Direction
  • What Makes a Good Boss︰Henry Mintzberg's management roles
  • From Hard Skills to Soft Skills︰Build your personal leadership styles
  • Experience ≠ Performance︰The essentials of motivation
  • Situational Leadership︰The 4 leadership strategies of the Hersey-Blanchard model

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size20-40

Coaching To The Max︰Coaching Skills To Elevate Performance

  • Staff Coaching︰Be a coach in subordinate management
  • Conversational Skills as a Coach︰Question , giving feedback , confront , inspire & empower
  • Toolbox of a Coach︰The five procedures of conversation with subordinates
  • Set a Goal︰Goal setting and devising improvement plan
  • Stay Calm︰Effectively respond to 4 types of challenging subordinates

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size:20-40

Generation Divide︰Tap Into The Potentials Of The New Generation

  • Understand the Generation︰Their work styles, values and career aspiration
  • Likes & Dislikes︰The strength and weakness of the young generation
  • The Psychology of the Young︰The post-materialism behind Slashie
  • Groom the Young︰Management and development strategies towards the young generation

Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:

Leadershift︰Lead The Team Through Change

  • Out of the Comfort Zone︰The success and failure factors of change
  • The 8 Phases of Change︰J. Kotter's change management model
  • Change Curve︰The psychological ups and downs facing the change
  • Change of Quality︰Skills to devise a quality change management plan
Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:20-40

Shut Down The Bullying︰Workplace Bullying Prevention

  • What's Bullying?︰Understand the definition of workplace bullying and its overview
  • Spot It Out︰Identify the bullies & the victims
  • The Aftermath︰The consequence of workplace bullying
  • Prevention Measures︰The 3 Levels of intervention from management
Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:maximum 50

Stay Composed In The Crisis︰Crisis Management And Emergency Response Plans

  • Causes of the Crisis︰The 7 types of crisis and emergency
  • Parties Affected︰Manage the 3 types of parties affected by the crisis
  • Step By Step︰Ian Mitroff's phases of crisis management
  • Remove the Bomb︰Decision-making in the crisis
  • The Aftermath︰Brush up the public relation skills
Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:20-40
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