Effective Communication

Effective Communication

From "face" reading to mind reading ; from understanding the two genders in workplace to your "one of a kind" boss ; from personality to cross-generational communication ; from workplace influencing skills to conflict management.
This series aims at brushing up workplace communication skills for better collaboration. Our trainers spice up the training with interactive learning approach for participants to better grasp the theoretical framework and techniques and transfer the skills from classroom to workplace.

Get A Thumbs-Up In Office︰Enhance Workplace Interpersonal Relationship

  • Be the Hottest?︰How to turn yourself in to the most popular colleague in the workplace
  • Read the Mind︰ Understand the power of non-verbal language
  • Stay Connected︰Build up rapport through empathy
  • The Art of Speech︰The techniques of motivating, rejecting and criticizing colleagues
  • Actions Speak Louder︰Apply the love languages in workplace

Suggested duration : 1.5-3.5 hours
Class size : 20-40

The Personality "Puzzles"︰Effective Team Communication And Collaboration

  • The Basics of D.I.S.C.︰Understand the origin of D.I.S.C. and its application in workplace
  • Personality Scanner︰The four dimensions of personality - D(Dominance);I(Influence);S(Steadiness);C(Compliance)
  • From Person to Person︰Understand your strength and weakness of the personality types
  • The Symphony of a Team︰Communicate and Collaborate with different personality types
  • Perfect Match︰Work with different personality types for synergy

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size:20-40

Decode The Mind︰Tackle The Communication Traps With Transactional Analysis

  • The Code of the Mind︰Understand the PAC model and the underlying communication modes
  • The Mode of the Mind︰The strengths and weaknesses of the 3 ego states(Parent , Adult , Children)
  • The Mode of the Lines︰The harmony and conflict of the crossed and complementary modes
  • The Trap of the Communication︰Respond to challenging situations such as unreasonable requests and bad attitude

Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:20-40

Mind Reading︰Understand Oneself And The Others

  • Body Speaks?︰The science of non-verbal communication from Paul Ekman & Joe Navarro
  • Read the Mind︰Analyse the micro-expression
  • From Head to Toe︰The implication of the body gestures
  • Non-Verbal Interaction︰Apply the mind-reading techniques on workplace

Suggested duration:1-2 hours
Class size:Maximum 50

Workplace Influencer︰Enhance Your Influencing & Persuading Skills

  • The Myth of Influence︰The short-cut of making people say yes
  • The Principles of Influence︰Six principles of influencing skills by Robert Cialdini
  • The Speech of Influence︰Message framing;positive/negative statement;classification;comparison
  • The Application of Influence︰Enhance your influencing skills in workplace

Suggested duration : 1-2 hours
Class size : mamximum 50

Empathic Resonance︰Apply Empathic Communication To Avoid Emotional Escalation

  • See Things from Perspective︰Common workplace communication traps to avoid
  • Read the Mind︰Sense the emotions of others
  • Understand the Emotions︰Develop an understanding underlying others'emotions to avoid emotion escalation
  • Build Up the Connection︰Practise empathic communication skills to avoid conflicts
Suggested duration:1.5-2
Class size:maximum 50

Workplace Bomb Squad︰Resolve Workplace Interpersonal Relationship

  • Workplace Tug-of-War︰The underlying causes of workplace conflict and the types of challenging colleagues
  • Conflict Management Model︰Relieve the tension with your colleagues
  • Dispose of the Bomb︰The tips of facing the challenging colleagues such as tale-tellers and sloths
  • Conflict Stoppers︰The positive reframing of speech and mentality in workplace
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:maximun 50

Bossology︰The Art Of Getting Along With Your Boss

  • Spot the Difference︰Be aware of the difference between you and the boss
  • Stand Out!︰The tips of doing it well and doing it right
  • Love and Hatred︰The art of speech which can make a day-and-night difference
  • Happy together︰The art of co-existing with your boss
Suggested duration:1-1.5 hours
Class size:no limit

He And She︰Re-Visit Gender At Workplace

  • The Myths of Two Genders︰Demystify the labeling and stereotype of the two genders
  • Martians and Venusians︰The psychological and behavioral characteristics of the two genders by John Gray
  • Communication as the key︰Communication tips for the two genders at workplace
Suggested duration:1-1.5 hours
Class size:maximum 50

Generation Talks︰Understand The Communication And Work Culture Of The Generation Y & Z

  • Generation Speaks︰Understand the communication language and culture of generations
  • Generation Y & Z︰Their work styles , values and career aspiration
  • Understand the New Generation︰The strengths and limitations of the young
  • Zoom In and Out︰The attitude of acceptance and the communication skills with the young generation

Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:maximum 50

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