Self Enhancement

Self Enhancement

You don't have to be a know-it-all or walking encyclopedia to ace your career but to climb up the career ladder, you should get yourselves equipped with the skills of problem-solving, time management, creativity, presentation and negotiation. The training makes use of different mind tools and experimental games to make the training more fun and transferable to workplace.

Not A Problem!︰Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills

  • Where Lies the Problem?︰Attribution of the problem and fishbone diagram
  • Blind to Your Blind Spot︰Highlight common blind spot and decision making traps
  • The Survivor Game︰Evaluate and priorities the values in decision-making
  • Decision Matrix︰Walk out of the dilemma and create new solutions
  • A Catch-22 Situation︰Guiding principles when you are caught between a rock and a hard place

Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:20-40

Think Wild And Wide︰Brush Up Your Problem-Solving Skills With A Stroke Of Creativity

  • Let It Flow︰Being over-rational kills your creativity
  • Untapped Potential︰Use Lateral Thinking to think out of the box
  • A+B=C︰Free association exercise
  • The Power of +-x÷︰The birth of originality and innovation
  • The Stories of Success︰Real-life sharing of creativity and innovation

Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:20-40

Out Of Time , Out Of Your Mind?︰Tame Your Time Workshop

  • What is Time︰The nature of time and the concept of effective time management?
  • Time Killer︰The habits and personality that get your time wasted
  • Parkinson's Law︰Effective task management
  • The Dimensions of Time Management︰Eisenhower box's urgent-important matrix
  • The Law of 80/20︰Minimal time investment to get maximum rate of return
Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:maximum 50

Sky’s Your Limit!︰Elevate Performance And Mindset In Workplace

  • The 5 Attitudes of a Star Employee︰Be responsive , be persevering & steadfast , goal-oriented , be passionate and be smart!
  • Get a Thumb-up from Your Boss︰Do it well and do it right
  • Reset Your Default Mode︰The psychological quality to excel in your job
  • Break Your Barriers︰Application of positive psychology
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:no limit

Win-Win Bargaining︰Effective Negotiation And Bargaining Strategy

  • Zero-Sum or Win-Win?︰Understand the negotiation in-and-out
  • Negotiation Process︰Make use of BATNA , anchor point , trade-offs to achieve agreement
  • Bargaining Strategy︰8 Influential negotiation and persuasion strategies
  • Negotiation Table︰Applicable to sales , recruitment & retention , contract agreement
  • Let's Bargain︰Experiential game for negotiation
Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size:20-40

Power & Point︰Presentation Skills Practice

  • Eye-Catching Presentation:Intonation , body gestures , eye contact and interaction with audience
  • Get to the Point:Use of AIDA model to select the theme of the presentation
  • From Top to Bottom:Use of chunking to explore different perspectives from macro to micro
  • Spice It Up!:Use of analogies , anecdotes , stories and descriptive languages
  • Practice Makes Perfect:Presentation skills practice and feedback
  • Stay Poised!:Take the Q&A session in stride
Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size:20-40

Survive On Your Wits︰Use Of Game Theory To Create The Best Strategy  

  • It's Everyday Life︰Fundamentals of game theory and its application
  • Musketeers' Game︰Increase your odds of winning
  • Prisoner's Dilemma︰Adopt the dominant strategy
  • Who's the Coward?︰Imperfect information as your winning strategy
  • Investment Game︰Collaboration or competition as a team
Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:20-40

Happy Monday︰Beat The Monday Blues

  • Who Invented "Monday"︰Symptoms of the Monday blues
  • The Cure︰How to make it a happy Monday?
  • Stay Upbeat!︰Work smart and tame the time!
  • Beat the Blues︰Change the negative mentality
  • Climb Up the Career Ladder︰Tips from positive psychology
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:no limit

Change With The Change︰Embrace Change With Optimism

  • Change or Out?︰The "chance" in the change
  • Out of Conform Zone︰Stifled by bureaucratic inertia?
  • Change from Inside Out︰The 7 stages of the change curve
  • Attitude as the Way Out︰Overcome the change with optimism
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:no limit

Happily Ever After︰Quality Life Of Retirement

  • Keep It U!(Health)︰Rebuild a healthy life with your physical change
  • Change the Course!(Social Life)︰Rebuild your network and purpose
  • Spice It U!(Mental Health)︰Rebuild your lifestyle and hobbies
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:maximum 50
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