Physiotherapist Series

Physiotherapist Series

Manual Lifting:Occupational Safety in the Workplace

  • Danger and risk in the workplace
  • Proper manual handling operation and work posture
  • Prevention of back injury and healthy working environment  
  • The spinal check and test

Relaxation Through Body Massage

  • Structure and functions of neck and spine
  • Causes of pains at neck and spine
  • Understanding and basic skills of body massage
  • Live demonstration and skill practice
  • Tips for caring of neck and spine

Fit Office:Relaxation Exercise in the Workplace

  • Understanding and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Does computer work harm?
  • Proper posture and habit for working
  • Relaxation exercise and practice

How to Formulate Distance Running Training Plan

Sports Taping Workshop

  • Introduction of sports taping
  • Demonstration and application of sports taping for pain relief such as knee pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain
  • Postural correction with sports taping

“Back"You Up: Prevention of Back Pain

Prevention of Neck, Back and Knee Pain

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