Peer Support

Peer Support

The fact is you spend 1/3 of your time with your colleagues every working day. Fate brings you all together not only as work buddy but what’s more, as an emotional support to each other, especially in times of emotional and psychological break-down or accidents.

“Talking Therapy”︰Conversational Skills In Supporting Emotional Staff(Fundamental)

  • The Basics of Caring︰Principles as a peer emotional support
  • Build Up the Rapport︰The application of nonjudgmental attitude and acceptance
  • Start with Question︰Questioning skills of open-end , close-end , clarifying and subjunctive question types
  • Respond with Empathy︰Reflective listening and responding with negative emotions
  • Workplace Emotional Counseling︰Conversational practice with emotional staff facing career setback , transitions or personal problems

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size:20-40

“Talking Therapy” : Conversational Skills In Supporting Emotional Staff(Advanced)

  • Spot the Negative Emotions︰From body languages and micro-expressions
  • Discover-Evaluate-Solve the Problem︰The 3 conversational stages of staff emotional support
  • The Two Worlds︰Identify the conversational pattern in emotional and cognitive areas
  • Turn Negative to Positive︰Positive reframing to enhance problem-solving ability
  • Workplace Counseling in Crisis︰Assess the emotional crisis(mood disorders or suicidal thoughts)and the handling strategies

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size20-40

Care@Work / Back you up!︰Peer Support For A Workplace Care Culture

  • Mood Swing or Mood Disorder?︰Understand the impact of stress and emotional disturbance in workplace
  • Peer to Peer︰The difference of role as a peer support and as a mentor or a coach
  • Back You Up︰Communication skills in supporting colleagues’ negative emotions
  • Care Culture︰Build the support network and provide community resources

Suggested duration:1-2 hours
Class sizemaximum 50

Extraordinary Colleague︰Provide Care And Manage The Unordinary Staff

  • The Extraordinary 12︰The rankings and their characteristics from a local survey
  • The Impact of the extraordinary︰How these unordinary staff affect the team and management culture
  • Shoulder the Responsibility︰The strategies in managing and assisting the staff of special need

Suggested duration:1-1.5 hours
Class sizeno limit

Mental Health First Aid︰Handle Emotional Crisis And Abnormal Behaviour

  • Common Emotional Crisis in Workplace︰Depression , panic attack , schizophrenia
  • Communication Dos & Don'ts︰How to communicate with employees with abnormal behaviours
  • Core of the Fist Aid︰The 5 highlights of mental health first aid
  • Case Analysis︰Workplace crisis(Interpersonal conflicts , self-harm , mood disorders and mental health disorders)

Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size20-40

Mentor To Nurture︰Guide And Support New Employees

  • Mentors or Friends?︰The functioning and positioning of mentor
  • Inspirational & Interactive Learning︰Strategically question and give feedback to mentees
  • Multi-Functional Mentor︰Techniques of motivating;Experience-sharing;Thought-challenging;Emotional support
  • Light in the Dark︰Lead the mentees out of the challenges in workplace

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size20-40

A Helping Hand︰Visit And Send Sympathy And Solicitude To Employee And Family In Accident

  • Go to Extra Miles︰The significance of sending sympathy and solicitude by company representatives to affected employees and families
  • Get Prepared︰Preparation work and procedures in hospital and family visit
  • Care for the Traumatized︰Emotional symptoms of the inflicted and their family
  • The Real Challenge︰Practice of on-site visit
  • Stay Strong︰Enhance the mentality of the visitor representative

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class szie20-40

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