Management Consultation

The consultancy team offers insightful solutions on performance management, people management and corporate strategy and organizational research with the aim to steer clear of existing hurdles and tap into niche market. 

Performance Management

When it comes to talent development and promotion, talent assessment tools are effective to select the most suitable and most capable talent for the role. We can also offer solutions in regard of people performance, team dynamics and conflicts and organizational change.  To specifically boost employee’s performance and allow corporates to objectively review service standard, Vital can tailor-make mystery shopper scheme and on-site observation.

People Management

 Through focus groups and employee interviews, Vital understands the needs of employers from different angles. We offer solutions and devise sound human resources policy for corporates. With professional advice on talent retention and talent development, our corporate clients can develop potential talents as the future leaders.

Organizational Strategy and Research

To understand employees’ mentality and their workplace environment, we regularly conduct corporate research, press conference and large-scale seminars to offer up-to-date and insightful solutions and raise management performance for our corporate clients.