We aspire to apply experiential learning in team-building so that participants can transfer the skills back to the workplace. This series creates different levels of personal and team challenge for participants to overcome the challenge together in an upbeat mood. After the energetic activities, we value if the participants have gained insight during the team-building. With professional debriefing sessions, we consolidate their take-away to achieve the ultimate goal of“Untap, Unleash & Unfold”one’s potential of every teambuilding sessions we conducted.

Vital conducts a wide range of thematic teambuilding activities such as Team Communication & Leadership and we are here to tailor-made the activities for front-line colleagues and managerial staff. For details, please contact our Account Service Team.


A. Team Communication︰Understand team culture , spot the communication barriers and build the common language and rapport

B. Team Collaboration︰Effective job allocation , collaboration strategies , problem-solving pattern & team contribution

C. Team Innovation︰Out of the comfort zone , embrace the challenges , use of creativity , bottleneck breakthrough

D. Team Leadership︰Horses for Courses , goal-setting , decision-making delegation , motivation , accountability

(1-2 themes can be selected for the team-building)

Suggested duration:4-8 hours
Class size:maximum 40

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