Our team-building approach is connecting teams through experiential activities.

Vital offers various team-building activities such as Team Communication, Leading the Team, And Mindfulness Stress Reduction to create a more substantial work team and bond through different challenges. After each activity, a debriefing session is arranged to guide participants in sharing their experiences and stimulate insight for discovering and developing their potential.

Vital Training Team offers customized team-building activities for companies. Contact our Account Service Officer for details.


  • Team Communication: Understanding Team Culture, Identifying Communication Barriers, Establishing Common Language and Rapport
  • Team Collaboration: Effective Task Allocation, Cooperation Strategies, Problem-Solving Models and Team Contribution
  • Team Innovation: Stepping out of the Comfort Zone, Embracing Challenges, Utilizing Creativity, Breaking Free from Previous Roles and Patterns
  • Team Leadership: Understanding and Utilizing Individual Strengths, Setting Goals and Plans, Making Decisions, Motivating the Team, Taking Accountability
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: Relaxing the Mind and Body, Alleviating Work Stress, Learning to Manage Emotions, Training Personal and Work Focus

*Choose 1-2 of the activity themes above

Suggested duration: 4-8 hours
Class size: 10-40

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