Boost employees’capability and passion for work

Not A Problem!︰Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills

  • Where Lies the Problem?︰Attribution of the problem and fishbone diagram
  • Blind to Your Blind Spot︰Highlight common blind spot and decision making traps
  • The Survivor Game︰Evaluate and priorities the values in decision-making
  • Decision Matrix︰Walk out of the dilemma and create new solutions
  • A Catch-22 Situation︰Guiding principles when you are caught between a rock and a hard place

Suggested duration:1.5-3.5 hours
Class size:20-40

Actions Speaks Louder︰Quality Customer Service

  • Moment of Truth︰3 Levels of customer service from customers'perspective
  • Emotional Exchange︰The likes & dislikes of customer communication
  • Observable CS︰Magic words , empathy , body language and dislikes strategies
  • Say It Well︰Negative messages with positive reframing
  • Art of Saying No︰Rejecting unreasonable requests in an appropriate manner

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class Size20-40

Conflict Time-Out︰Manage Complaints & Challenging Situation

  • Complaint Alarm︰Discuss the background , motives and concerns of the complainants
  • Complaint Dichotomy︰Structural and interactional conflicts
  • Conflict Time-Out︰Reframe company policies & provide psychological compensation
  • Conflict Management Model︰The best strategy in response to customers'complaint & grievance
  • Challenging Moment︰The handling strategy to conflicts(e.g. regular complaints , video-recording , complaint handling as a mediator)& case sharing
  • Boost Your Mindset︰The positive psychology in the challenging situation

Suggested duration2-4 hours
Class size20-40

Immunity To Violence︰Manage Violence & Emotional Customers

  • Psychology Behind Violence︰Crisis assessment of violent customers and their causes & mentality
  • The 2 Types of Violence︰Guidelines to verbal violence and physical violence
  • Emotional Alleviator︰The communication strategies of alleviating customers' emotions
  • Self-Defense︰The self protection measures and guidelines facing physical violence threat

Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size20-40

D.I.S.C®Is'You'︰Explore Your Private Self And Unleash Your Potential(Fundamental)

  • What is D.I.S.C®?:The origin and application of D.I.S.C® assessment tools
  • Tap Into Your Private-Self:Unleash your untapped potential and source of stress
  • Appreciate Your Individuality:Explore your strengths and potentials
  • Discover Your Dark Side:The other sides of D.I.S.C® - Irritated , Impulsive , Sentimental & Anxious
  • Target Your Weak Spots:Improve your weakness via social learning

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size:maximum 40

Including Individual Personality Assessment Report & Individual Personality Consultation


A. Team Communication︰Understand team culture , spot the communication barriers and build the common language and rapport

B. Team Collaboration︰Effective job allocation , collaboration strategies , problem-solving pattern & team contribution

C. Team Innovation︰Out of the comfort zone , embrace the challenges , use of creativity , bottleneck breakthrough

D. Team Leadership︰Horses for Courses , goal-setting , decision-making delegation , motivation , accountability

(1-2 themes can be selected for the team-building)

Suggested duration:4-8 hours
Class size:maximum 40

“Talking Therapy”︰Conversational Skills In Supporting Emotional Staff(Fundamental)

  • The Basics of Caring︰Principles as a peer emotional support
  • Build Up the Rapport︰The application of nonjudgmental attitude and acceptance
  • Start with Question︰Questioning skills of open-end , close-end , clarifying and subjunctive question types
  • Respond with Empathy︰Reflective listening and responding with negative emotions
  • Workplace Emotional Counseling︰Conversational practice with emotional staff facing career setback , transitions or personal problems

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size:20-40

“Talking Therapy” : Conversational Skills In Supporting Emotional Staff(Advanced)

  • Spot the Negative Emotions︰From body languages and micro-expressions
  • Discover-Evaluate-Solve the Problem︰The 3 conversational stages of staff emotional support
  • The Two Worlds︰Identify the conversational pattern in emotional and cognitive areas
  • Turn Negative to Positive︰Positive reframing to enhance problem-solving ability
  • Workplace Counseling in Crisis︰Assess the emotional crisis(mood disorders or suicidal thoughts)and the handling strategies

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size20-40

Care@Work / Back you up!︰Peer Support For A Workplace Care Culture

  • Mood Swing or Mood Disorder?︰Understand the impact of stress and emotional disturbance in workplace
  • Peer to Peer︰The difference of role as a peer support and as a mentor or a coach
  • Back You Up︰Communication skills in supporting colleagues’ negative emotions
  • Care Culture︰Build the support network and provide community resources

Suggested duration:1-2 hours
Class sizemaximum 50

Leaders VS Managers︰High Performance Leadership Skills

  • Seven Corporate Culture and Leadership Direction
  • What Makes a Good Boss︰Henry Mintzberg's management roles
  • From Hard Skills to Soft Skills︰Build your personal leadership styles
  • Experience ≠ Performance︰The essentials of motivation
  • Situational Leadership︰The 4 leadership strategies of the Hersey-Blanchard model

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size20-40

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