In recent years, there are more and more employers provide family relationship training to help their employees achieve a work-life balance. This helps employees manage their family issues and have healthy relationships, leading to improved job performance and morale.

The courses cover relationship topics, including Attachment, Love Languages, Love Triangle, Emotional Blackmail, Parental Stress, and more. They aim to reveal common conflicts' causes, equip participants with skills, and utilize real-life examples. The programme is suitable for all employees which helps participants to reflect and balance family relationships.

Trouble Two – Dealing with Trouble Two with Ease

  • From Infant to Toddler: Physiological and Psychological Development in Babies and Young Children
  • From Sweet to Mischievous: Characteristics of Trouble Two
  • Embracing the Terrible Twos: Techniques for Dealing with Toddlers Effectively

Suggested duration: 1-1.5 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Cheerful Marriage – Techniques for Couples' Communication

  • Marriage Dance: Clinical Observations on Couples' Interactions by Dr. John Gottman
  • Understanding Four Negative Interaction Patterns That Affect Marital Relationships
  • Conflict Class: Skills to Manage Conflict in Marriage
  • Love Map: Building A Healthy Marriage Relationship

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: no limit

Care for The Aged – Home Safety and Nutrition

  • Eating Tips: Adapting to Physical Changes in the Elderly (Hearing, Digestion, Teeth, Taste, Diet)
  • Living Tips: Nursing Homes and Other Feasible Accommodation Arrangements
  • Moving Tips: Types and Selection of Walking Aids

Suggested duration: 1.5 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Reading Children’s Hearts – Ways to Interact with Children with Special Needs

  • Analyzing the Psychological Development of Children and the Causes of Psychological Issues
  • Understanding Children’s Problems (Emotional Disturbance, Autism, Attention-Deficient and Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety Disorder)
  • Understanding Children’s Special Needs
  • Techniques, Attitudes, And Methods for Dealing with Children’s Issues

*Suitable for Parents of Children Under the Age of 12

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Eternal Love – Enriching Romantic Relationships

  • Love Myths: Exploring Misconceptions About Love
  • Gender Differences: Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women
  • Love Triangle: Three Love Elements, i.e., Passion, Intimacy and Commitment
  • Romantic Booster: Flexibly Using the Love Language in a Relationship

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Eq Kids – Effectively Managing Children’s Emotions

  • Emotional Outbursts: Understanding the Causes of Children’s Emotional Problems
  • Eq Upgrades: Enhancing Children’s Emotional Management Skills
  • Handling Emotions: Emotional Awareness, Emotional Regulation, Empathy Building, And Relationship Management
  • Stop the Monster Family: Parents’ Dos and Don’ts in Handling Children’s Emotions
  • Harmonious Family: Tips for Handling Children’s Emotions

*Suitable for Parents of Children Under the Age of 12

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Caring and Share More Love in Family – Establishing A Harmonious Family HOT

  • Caring Family: Concept and Importance of Caring in the Family
  • Roles in Family: Understanding the Needs and Communication Elements of Different Family Roles (I.E., Partners, Parents, And Children)
  • Complete Communication Guide: Reflective Listening And I-Message in Family

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Take Care of Elderly's Emotion

Embrace Yourself and Build Intimacy – The Key to Building Intimacy in Family Relationship

  • Upgrade Your Interpersonal Relationships: Introduction to The Satir Model for Communication
  • Communication Magnifier: Four Communication Styles in Dealing with Stress, I.E. Placating, Blaming, Super-Reasonable and Irrelevant
  • Growth Nutrients: Congruence Stance and Win-Win-Win Communication

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: 10-40

Teen.Com – Effective Communication with Youth

  • Slang Challenge: How Well Do You Understand Youth Culture?
  • Adolescent Psychology: Understanding the Psychological Needs of Adolescent in Different Developmental Stages
  • Real Case Analysis: Motives for Learning, Setting Boundaries for Gaming, Going Out at Night, Etc.
  • Tips for Being A Good Parent and Effective Communication with Youth

*Suitable for Parents of Primary School to Junior High School Students

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: 10-40

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