Customer Service

Customer Service

Quality Customer Service aims at creating positive emotions for customers. This series focuses on the whole customer journey ranging from procedures, etiquette, non-verbal communication to negative message reframing. We chunk down the concepts to every single details to make quality customer service measurable, behavioural, observable and experienceable.
When it comes down to the conflicts with customers, be it complaints, verbal violence and even mobile video recording, empathic communication, message reframing and workplace violence handling strategies are the keys to the problem. Real-life scenarios will be shared as a demonstration in this series as well.
The courses in this series are designed for the front-line staff and management. And the responsibility lies with the Management to make final decisions to settle the customers’ complaints. With conflict management model as an analytic tool, the series help participants to develop decision-making and problem-solving strategies. Moreover, this training series helps Management to review the service levels and touch point to promote and develop a quality service team.
We understand the customer service positioning varies from industries to industries. Our training workshops are tailor-made for different industries to fit for our clients’need. With years of customer service training experience in both public and private sectors, we are here to provide and design tailor-made training workshops.
Another highlight is we are able to extend our service to mystery shoppers programme and on-site observation and support to conduct a pre & post training assessment on company’s service standard and tailor-made the training accordingly.

Actions Speaks Louder︰Quality Customer Service

  • Moment of Truth︰3 Levels of customer service from customers'perspective
  • Emotional Exchange︰The likes & dislikes of customer communication
  • Observable CS︰Magic words , empathy , body language and dislikes strategies
  • Say It Well︰Negative messages with positive reframing
  • Art of Saying No︰Rejecting unreasonable requests in an appropriate manner

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class Size20-40

Conflict Time-Out︰Manage Complaints & Challenging Situation

  • Complaint Alarm︰Discuss the background , motives and concerns of the complainants
  • Complaint Dichotomy︰Structural and interactional conflicts
  • Conflict Time-Out︰Reframe company policies & provide psychological compensation
  • Conflict Management Model︰The best strategy in response to customers'complaint & grievance
  • Challenging Moment︰The handling strategy to conflicts(e.g. regular complaints , video-recording , complaint handling as a mediator)& case sharing
  • Boost Your Mindset︰The positive psychology in the challenging situation

Suggested duration2-4 hours
Class size20-40

Immunity To Violence︰Manage Violence & Emotional Customers

  • Psychology Behind Violence︰Crisis assessment of violent customers and their causes & mentality
  • The 2 Types of Violence︰Guidelines to verbal violence and physical violence
  • Emotional Alleviator︰The communication strategies of alleviating customers' emotions
  • Self-Defense︰The self protection measures and guidelines facing physical violence threat

Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size20-40

Hold The Reins Over The Ring︰Quality Customer Service On The Phone

  • Face-to-face vs Over the Phone︰The difference between phone and face-to-face customer service
  • The Unseeable Journey︰The application of professional phone service flow
  • 5+1 Online Techniques︰The creation of phone service experience
  • Make It Clear︰The explanation techniques of complicated message
  • Escalator vs Alleviator︰The appropriate response to customers' accusation , insults and provocation

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class size20-40

D.I.S.Connect︰Quality Customer Relationship Management

  • Understand Personality︰The 4 customer types under D.I.S.C.
  • Personality Assessment︰Identify the common questions raised and behaviours observed of the 4 types
  • Emotional Trigger︰The underlying fears and complaint tendencies of the 4 customer types
  • Power-Seeking Types︰Gain the likes from dominance & influencing types
  • Truth-Seeking Types︰Gain the trust from the steadiness & compliance types

Suggested duration:2-4 hours
Class sizemaximum 30

Star Service Navigation︰Manage A Team To Drive Performance On Customer Service

  • From Basic to Star︰The market trend and positioning of customer service
  • Service Ratings︰Assess the service standard of the industry
  • Customer Journey Map︰The ideal customer experience
  • Experienceable Service︰Design service touch points
  • The Service Guide︰Devise behavioral , objective and measurable service standards
  • Star Service Navigator︰The coaching & motivational skills to achieve star service

Suggested duration:4-6 hours
Class sizemaximum 30

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