Physical Health

Physical Health

We have been offering a wide range of exercise, regimen and health management solutions to your valued employees, allowing them to achieve a balanced and healthy life.
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hrs
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioner Series


    • 四季養生之道:四季養生之道       
    • 濕從哪裡來:春夏去濕湯水茶飲介紹
    • 進補時機:秋冬進補湯水介紹


    • 季節養生的竅門
    • 如何分辨實火虛火
    • 季節與臟腑的關係
    • 養生敷臍貼介紹


    • 了解坊間五花百門的中醫成藥與保健產品及其功效
    • 認識中醫成藥與保健產品之成份、營養價值及用途
    • 服用中醫成藥與保健產品的謬誤及注意事項


    • 中醫角度如何看肺炎
    • 如何增強自身免疫力
    • 食療湯水介紹


    • 肥胖的成因及與身心健康的關係
    • 認識控制體重的相關知識
    • 上班族食療養生減肥法

    Fitness and Conditioning︰Chinese Medicine Health Cultivation

    • Employees’ Health Cultivation
    • Ways to look good and vibrant
    • Lesson from traditional medicine in improve health and fitness
    • Soup and dietary recommendations

    Is It Really Dryness?Body Constitution in Chinese Medicine

    • Are han(cold) and re(heat) the only types of body constitution?
    • The nine common types of body constitutions
    • Is shifting of body constitution possible?
    • Chinese medicine theories on body constitutions

    Facial Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

    Facial Diagnosis by Chinese Medicine Practitioner

    • Color Diagnosis
    • Tongue Diagnosis
    • Demonstrations

    Nourishing Liver and Rejuvenating Hair︰Liver Care in Chinese Medicine

    • Chinese Medicine and Health Care
    • Analysis on liver functions from chinese medicine perspective
    • Prevention and treatment on premature white hair and hair loss
    • Diet for vibrant and energized men and glowing women

    Treatment to Mental Illness with Chinese Medicine︰Pressure Release in Chinese Medicine

    • Emotion and Illness︰Illness induced by seven emotions?
    • Chinese medicine health cultivation in six words
    • Pressure release dietary and acupuncture points recommendations

    Sleep Schedule︰Sleep Tight in Chinese Medicine

    • In spring, I keep sleeping without noticing morning has already broken︰Sleep schedule from the perspective of chinese medicine
    • Relationship between “Mind” and Sleep
    • The direction of your bed matters?
    • Chinese medicine also talks about sleeping?︰Relationship between sleeping posture and your mind

    From Emotions to Sickness

    • What is Qi?
    • The mechanisms behind emotions
    • From five elements to emotions

    Blossoming of Your Second Half in Life︰Menopause in Chinese Medicine

    • Understanding menopause
    • How to prevent menopausal disorders
    • Know more about the emotion problems and treatment options in menopause
    • Dietary and soup recommendations

    Metabolic Syndrome from the Chinese Medicine Perspective

    • What is Metabolic Syndrome(Hyperglycemia, Dyslipidemia and Hypertension)?
    • Factors affecting the prevalence of metabolic syndrome
    • Treatment methods on metabolic syndrome
    • Dietary recommendations

    Prevention of Stroke from the Chinese Medicine Perspective

    • Understanding stroke
    • Relationship between Stroke and Hypertension
    • Factors affecting the prevalence of hypertension
    • Treatment methods on hypertension
    • Can you take an Gong Niu Huang Wan?
    • Rapid diagnostic test on stroke sign
    • Diet recommendations and acupressure massage

    Acupuncture Therapy for Working People

    • Common physical problems faced by working people
    • Understanding and basics of Acupuncture
    • Skills and techniques in Acupunture
    • Live demonstration and practice

    Ear Acupuncture Therapy

  • Nutrition Talk


    • 2020最佳飲食:地中海飲食的特色
    • 最強12功效:地中海飲食的好處
    • 實踐地中海:早午晚地中海餐單


    • 甜蜜陷阱:教你分辨糖及醣
    • 識飲識食:好醣與壞醣你懂嗎?
    • 減醣生活:醣是健康瘦身的關鍵
    • 減醣飲食法:自製健康低醣餐單


    • 環保與素食:食素Vs低碳
    • 盤點素食主義:素食的好處
    • 健康茹素:素食的陷阱
    • 素食吃甚麼?:最「營」素食食譜

    Boost Your Immunity

    • žWhat is immune system?
    • The nutrients that helps you to fight diseases
    • Food that boosts your immunity
    • Meal plan

    Get Fit and Be Healthy

    • How to have a balanced diet?
    • Food should be avoided
    • Food should be taken
    • Healthy eat-out choices
    • Healthy snack choices
    • Myths 

    Food Myths

    • Hot topics and common myths:
    • Flowering Chinesecabbage and hairy gourd are suitable for everyone
    • Beef is not good to skinand health
    • Red wine and chocolate isgood for heart
    • Dementia can be preventedby drinking coffee
    • Should I follow folk prescription?
    • How to choose the right supplement?

    How to Choose Right Supplements

    • Micronutrients: calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, folic acid,  Vitamin B complex
    • Health Booster: fish oil, fish liver oil, probiotics, glucosamine
    • Herbal supplements: Ganoderma (lingzhi), Caterpillar fungus, curcumin
    • Nutritional supplements: Ensure, Glucerna (for diabetes)
    • Functions, administration and precautions of the above supplements

    Top 10 Super Foods

    • Top 10 super foods 
    • Health benefits of super foods 
    • Correct method for processing super foods 
    • Recipe sharing

    Shop for Right Food

    • Food groups & their functions
    • Wise Choices in each group
    • What Food Labels Tell Us
      –Nutrition Information
    • Case Study

    Cooking Traditional Dishes in Healthier Ways

    • Health risks of traditional
    • Chinese dishes
    • Healthy ways of cooking
    • Recipes sharing

    Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

    • Desirable weight and waistline
    • Food Groups and recommended portion
    • Myths and fad diets
    • Right and healthy ways to lose weight
    • Keep fit tips


    • Am I "fit"?
    • How to measure waistline?
    • Health risks of obesity
    • Food to avoid
    • Dietary tips to lose weight
    • Keep fit meal plan
    • Get moving and stay fit tips

    Green Diet

    • What is Green Diet?
    • Vegetarian Diet
      –Health benefits
      –Unhealthy Vs smart choices
    • How to start a low carbon diet?
    • Low Carbon Recipes

    Eat for Better Sleep

    • Food for better sleep
    • Simple habits to achieve good quality of sleep
    • Relaxation and meditation
    • Sweet dream meal plan

    Food for Healthy Skin

    • Important nutrients for healthy skin
    • Skin killer: food to avoid
    • Healthy skin booster: food to choose
    • Meal plan for healthy skin
    • Simple habits to keep skin glow

    Food for Stress Management

    • Causes of stress and its health implications
    • Food to avoid
    • Food for relaxation
    • Lifestyle habits to fight stress
    • Relaxation and meditation exercises
    • Meal plan for good mood

    Rainbow Diet

    • What is 5-colour eating?
    • Health benefits
    • Function and food source of 5-colour eating
    • How to get more colour in diet
    • Recipes

    Food for A Healthy Heart

    • Cases and symptoms
    • How to protect your heart
    • Dietary Guidelines
    • Food for healthy heart
    • Heart-smart meal plan 

    Dietary Management for Diabetes

    • What is diabetes mellitus?
    • Smart carbohydrate choice for diabetesž
    • Recommended portion on different food groups
    • Cooking "Dos & don'ts"
    • Cook the right way to improve and prevent diabetes

    Dietary Management of Dyslipidemia

    • What is cholesterol ?
    • How to lower cholesterol?
    • Food that cause
    • Food for improvements
    • Cholesterol-friendly recipes
    • Lifestyle advice 

    Dietary Measures That You Should Know to Improve Your Blood Pressure

    • Symptoms and complications
    • Dietary measures to improve your BP
    • Food that triggers and lower blood pressure
    • Lifestyle advice

    Cancer Prevention 

    • Causes and symptoms
    • Carcinogens
    • Food for cancer prevention
    • Dietary tips
    • Lifestyles for prevention

    All about Gout

    • What is Gout?
    • High, medium and low purine foods
    • žDietary Management
    • Myth 

    Diet for Healthy Gut

    • Types of constipation
    • Causes and health risks
    • High fiber diet
    • Food for a healthy gut
    • Lifestyle habits
    • Healthy gut recipes

    Eat Right to Prevent Osteoporosis

    • What is osteoporosis
    • Causes of osteoporosis
    • Eat right to prevent
      -Food that weaken bone
      -Food for strong bone
    • Lifestyle advices
    • Common myths

    Diet for Dementia Prevention

    • Dementia – the facts
      -What is dementia?
      -What are the risk factors?
    • Foods that fight Dementia
      -What's the link between diet and dementia?
      -Brain healthy nutrients
      -Food for smart brain
      -Smart brain meal plans
    • 5 tips for healthy brain

    The Optimal Menopause Diet

    • Understanding menopause
    • Physical and psychological changes
    • Menopause symptoms, and how to manage
    • Best foods for menopause
    • Meal plans for a healthy menopause
    • Tips to stay energetic
  • Physical Fitness


    • 糾正不良的身體姿勢
    • 預防關節及軟組織受傷
    • 擺脫痛症的困擾


    • 什麼是肌筋膜激痛點?
    • 伸展動作及按摩球運動
    • 按摩球運動適用部位

    Stretching Exercise

    Office Gym:To Train Up Your Lower Body

    Office Yoga─塑身瑜伽班

    • 正確的呼吸方法
    • 全身及局部瑜伽動作
    • 伸展放鬆動作
  • Physiotherapist Series

    Manual Lifting:Occupational Safety in the Workplace

    • Danger and risk in the workplace
    • Proper manual handling operation and work posture
    • Prevention of back injury and healthy working environment  
    • The spinal check and test

    Relaxation Through Body Massage

    • Structure and functions of neck and spine
    • Causes of pains at neck and spine
    • Understanding and basic skills of body massage
    • Live demonstration and skill practice
    • Tips for caring of neck and spine

    Fit Office:Relaxation Exercise in the Workplace

    • Understanding and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
    • Does computer work harm?
    • Proper posture and habit for working
    • Relaxation exercise and practice

    How to Formulate Distance Running Training Plan

    Sports Taping Workshop

    • Introduction of sports taping
    • Demonstration and application of sports taping for pain relief such as knee pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain
    • Postural correction with sports taping

    “Back"You Up: Prevention of Back Pain

    Prevention of Neck, Back and Knee Pain

  • Aroma & Yoga


    • 什麼是香薰治療
    • 精油應用及安全知識
    • 精油如何用於日常保健防禦
    • 抗菌、消炎、止痛精油介紹

    Aromatherapy for Health and Beauty

    • The functions and application of aromatherapy
    • Understanding and proper use of essential oils
    • Application in the workplace – releasing stress and pains
    • Application for health and family – body and skin treatment

    Aroma Massage for Releasing Stress

    Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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