Nutrition Talk

Nutrition Talk


  • 2020最佳飲食:地中海飲食的特色
  • 最強12功效:地中海飲食的好處
  • 實踐地中海:早午晚地中海餐單


  • 甜蜜陷阱:教你分辨糖及醣
  • 識飲識食:好醣與壞醣你懂嗎?
  • 減醣生活:醣是健康瘦身的關鍵
  • 減醣飲食法:自製健康低醣餐單


  • 環保與素食:食素Vs低碳
  • 盤點素食主義:素食的好處
  • 健康茹素:素食的陷阱
  • 素食吃甚麼?:最「營」素食食譜

Boost Your Immunity

  • žWhat is immune system?
  • The nutrients that helps you to fight diseases
  • Food that boosts your immunity
  • Meal plan

Get Fit and Be Healthy

  • How to have a balanced diet?
  • Food should be avoided
  • Food should be taken
  • Healthy eat-out choices
  • Healthy snack choices
  • Myths 

Food Myths

  • Hot topics and common myths:
  • Flowering Chinesecabbage and hairy gourd are suitable for everyone
  • Beef is not good to skinand health
  • Red wine and chocolate isgood for heart
  • Dementia can be preventedby drinking coffee
  • Should I follow folk prescription?
  • How to choose the right supplement?

How to Choose Right Supplements

  • Micronutrients: calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, folic acid,  Vitamin B complex
  • Health Booster: fish oil, fish liver oil, probiotics, glucosamine
  • Herbal supplements: Ganoderma (lingzhi), Caterpillar fungus, curcumin
  • Nutritional supplements: Ensure, Glucerna (for diabetes)
  • Functions, administration and precautions of the above supplements

Top 10 Super Foods

  • Top 10 super foods 
  • Health benefits of super foods 
  • Correct method for processing super foods 
  • Recipe sharing

Shop for Right Food

  • Food groups & their functions
  • Wise Choices in each group
  • What Food Labels Tell Us
    –Nutrition Information
  • Case Study

Cooking Traditional Dishes in Healthier Ways

  • Health risks of traditional
  • Chinese dishes
  • Healthy ways of cooking
  • Recipes sharing
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