Cater to employees’whole-person well being

Metabolic Syndrome from the Chinese Medicine Perspective

  • What is Metabolic Syndrome(Hyperglycemia, Dyslipidemia and Hypertension)?
  • Factors affecting the prevalence of metabolic syndrome
  • Treatment methods on metabolic syndrome
  • Dietary recommendations

Laughter Yoga

  • Background of Laughter Yoga
  • One minute︰experience power of Laughter Yoga
  • Two pillars of it
  • Skills practice
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:no limit

Food for Healthy Skin

  • Important nutrients for healthy skin
  • Skin killer: food to avoid
  • Healthy skin booster: food to choose
  • Meal plan for healthy skin
  • Simple habits to keep skin glow

Prevention of Stroke from the Chinese Medicine Perspective

  • Understanding stroke
  • Relationship between Stroke and Hypertension
  • Factors affecting the prevalence of hypertension
  • Treatment methods on hypertension
  • Can you take an Gong Niu Huang Wan?
  • Rapid diagnostic test on stroke sign
  • Diet recommendations and acupressure massage

Food for Stress Management

  • Causes of stress and its health implications
  • Food to avoid
  • Food for relaxation
  • Lifestyle habits to fight stress
  • Relaxation and meditation exercises
  • Meal plan for good mood

Acupuncture Therapy for Working People

  • Common physical problems faced by working people
  • Understanding and basics of Acupuncture
  • Skills and techniques in Acupunture
  • Live demonstration and practice

Rainbow Diet

  • What is 5-colour eating?
  • Health benefits
  • Function and food source of 5-colour eating
  • How to get more colour in diet
  • Recipes

Ear Acupuncture Therapy

Food for A Healthy Heart

  • Cases and symptoms
  • How to protect your heart
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Food for healthy heart
  • Heart-smart meal plan 

Dietary Management for Diabetes

  • What is diabetes mellitus?
  • Smart carbohydrate choice for diabetesž
  • Recommended portion on different food groups
  • Cooking "Dos & don'ts"
  • Cook the right way to improve and prevent diabetes
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