Cater to employees’whole-person well being


  • 藥材睇真啲:了解坊間五花百門的中醫成藥與保健產品、其功效
  • 成藥VS保健品:認識中醫成藥與保健產品之成份、營養價值、用途
  • 食藥要小心:服用中醫成藥與保健產品的謬誤、注意事項


Embracing Change with Resilience – Cultivating an Optimistic Mindset

  • Make A Change? Threats and Opportunities for Change
  • Stepping Out of The Comfort Zone: Understanding the Inertia of Change
  • Process of Transformation: Seven Stages of The Change Curve
  • Attitude Determines Your Path: Overcoming Transitions with An Optimistic Mindset

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: no limit

心血管好幫手–DASH Diet 得舒飲食

  • 「禁食」與「進食」:得舒飲食怎樣食?
  • 低風險與限制:可長久使用控制血壓飲食法
  • 得舒飲食比例:計一計你可以攝取多少卡路里


Within Emotions, Within You – Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Magnifier: Understanding the Basic Concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Its Positive Effects
  • Emotional Control Panel: Techniques for Managing Negative Emotions
  • Staying Connected: Managing Emotions for Relationship Management
  • Emotional Boosters: Tips for Elevating Positive Emotions

Suggested duration: 2.5-3.5 hours
Class size: 10-60

Teen.Com – Effective Communication with Youth

  • Slang Challenge: How Well Do You Understand Youth Culture?
  • Adolescent Psychology: Understanding the Psychological Needs of Adolescent in Different Developmental Stages
  • Real Case Analysis: Motives for Learning, Setting Boundaries for Gaming, Going Out at Night, Etc.
  • Tips for Being A Good Parent and Effective Communication with Youth

*Suitable for Parents of Primary School to Junior High School Students

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: 10-40


  • 風寒風熱:感冒的成因、分類
  • 萬能感冒茶:了解坊間感冒茶是否適合所有人
  • 感冒禁食雞?:了解感冒時的宜忌
  • 自家百子櫃:中醫紓緩感冒茶、食療


傳聞Fact Check–飲食傳聞正解

  • 菜心節瓜正氣?認清蔬果本質
  • 零食是補品?朱古力有益心臟?
  • 養身變傷身?怎樣選擇維他命補充劑?
  • 咖啡紅酒對身體有益?認清咖啡紅酒利弊


Challenges for Kids: Enhancing Children’s AQ And Resilience

  • Understanding Children and Adversity
  • Cultivating Children as Resilient Individuals with the C.O.R.E. Principle and Adversity Quotients (AQ)
  • Let Parents Be the Angels: A Parent’s Guide to Enhancing Children’s AQ

*Suitable for Parents of Children Under the Age of 12

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: maximum 50

Fitness and Conditioning︰Chinese Medicine Health Cultivation

  • Employees’ Health Cultivation
  • Ways to look good and vibrant
  • Lesson from traditional medicine in improve health and fitness
  • Soup and dietary recommendations

AQ Accelerator – Enhancing Resilience to Overcome Challenges

  • AQ Check-Point: Instantly Understanding and Assessing Your Adversity Quotient Through Questionnaires and Games
  • Out of Your Hands? Increasing Your Sense of Control to Deal with Adversity and Its Importance
  • Why and Who? Taking Ownership and Attributing Adversity to Its Origin
  • End of The World? Understanding and Coping with Adversity Based on Its Reach and Impact
  •  Change Is Eternal? Expand or Narrow the Timeframe of Adversity Through Endurance

Suggested duration: 1.5-2 hours
Class size: 10-60

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