Cater to employees’whole-person well being

Boost Your Immunity

  • žWhat is immune system?
  • The nutrients that helps you to fight diseases
  • Food that boosts your immunity
  • Meal plan

Sports Taping Workshop

  • Introduction of sports taping
  • Demonstration and application of sports taping for pain relief such as knee pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain
  • Postural correction with sports taping


  • 肥胖的成因及與身心健康的關係
  • 認識控制體重的相關知識
  • 上班族食療養生減肥法

Office Yoga─塑身瑜伽班

  • 正確的呼吸方法
  • 全身及局部瑜伽動作
  • 伸展放鬆動作

Get Fit and Be Healthy

  • How to have a balanced diet?
  • Food should be avoided
  • Food should be taken
  • Healthy eat-out choices
  • Healthy snack choices
  • Myths 

Fitness and Conditioning︰Chinese Medicine Health Cultivation

  • Employees’ Health Cultivation
  • Ways to look good and vibrant
  • Lesson from traditional medicine in improve health and fitness
  • Soup and dietary recommendations

“Back"You Up: Prevention of Back Pain

Reading Special Needs Children’s Mind

  • A brief analysis on children’s psychological development and the reason behind the psychological issues
  • Understand children’s problems(emotional perplexities, autism, attention-deficient and hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorder)
  • Understand children’s special needs
  • Techniques, attitudes and methods in handling children’s problems
(Suitable for parents with children aged under 12)
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:no limit


  • 壓力探熱針:探討壓力對身體和情緒的影響
  • 催眠的日常:催眠並不神秘,相反十分科學
  • 放鬆自在:體驗催眠放鬆的妙用

Food Myths

  • Hot topics and common myths:
  • Flowering Chinesecabbage and hairy gourd are suitable for everyone
  • Beef is not good to skinand health
  • Red wine and chocolate isgood for heart
  • Dementia can be preventedby drinking coffee
  • Should I follow folk prescription?
  • How to choose the right supplement?
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