Cater to employees’whole-person well being

Challenges to Kids︰Enhancing Children's Resilience and Handling Stress

  • Understanding our kids and adversity
  • Principal of C.O.R.E
  • Tips of increasing kids AQ
(Suitable for parents with children aged under 12)
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:no limit

Mindfulness X Attention

  • Introduction and scientific benefit of mindfulness
  • Understanding distraction and attention
  • How mindfulness enhancing attention and focus
Suggested duration:1.5-2 hours
Class size:maximum 50


  • Am I "fit"?
  • How to measure waistline?
  • Health risks of obesity
  • Food to avoid
  • Dietary tips to lose weight
  • Keep fit meal plan
  • Get moving and stay fit tips

From Emotions to Sickness

  • What is Qi?
  • The mechanisms behind emotions
  • From five elements to emotions

Restart Happiness: Enrich Life Satisfaction

Green Diet

  • What is Green Diet?
  • Vegetarian Diet
    –Health benefits
    –Unhealthy Vs smart choices
  • How to start a low carbon diet?
  • Low Carbon Recipes

Blossoming of Your Second Half in Life︰Menopause in Chinese Medicine

  • Understanding menopause
  • How to prevent menopausal disorders
  • Know more about the emotion problems and treatment options in menopause
  • Dietary and soup recommendations

Care for the Family with Dementia

  • Introduction to Dementia
  • Change in behavior, cognition and health
  • Treatment and training
  • Family support︰Dos and Don’ts
  • Community resource︰service delivery, eligibility and service charge
Suggested duration:1.5 hpurs
Class size:no limit

You Are What You Draw︰Projective Drawing

  • Introduce the projective drawing history,theory and basic knowledge
  • Analysis of the probable meanings of symbols in drawings
  • Introduce the different therapeutic context for application of drawing
Suggested duration:1.5-3 hours
Class size:maximum 35

Eat for Better Sleep

  • Food for better sleep
  • Simple habits to achieve good quality of sleep
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Sweet dream meal plan
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