Cater to employees’whole-person well being


  • 什麼是香薰治療
  • 精油應用及安全知識
  • 精油如何用於日常保健防禦
  • 抗菌、消炎、止痛精油介紹

Emotional Intelligence︰Get In Touch With Your Emotions

  • Emotions Intelligence︰Understand emotions & knowledge of Emotional Intelligence(EI)
  • Manage your Emotion Triggers︰Self-awareness and self-management of your emotions
  • Stay Connected︰Empathy and relationship management
  • Emotion Booster︰Elevate your positive emotions

Suggested duration:2.5-3.5 hours
Class size:maximum 50

Relaxation Through Body Massage

  • Structure and functions of neck and spine
  • Causes of pains at neck and spine
  • Understanding and basic skills of body massage
  • Live demonstration and skill practice
  • Tips for caring of neck and spine

Aromatherapy for Health and Beauty

  • The functions and application of aromatherapy
  • Understanding and proper use of essential oils
  • Application in the workplace – releasing stress and pains
  • Application for health and family – body and skin treatment

Care for the Aged:Home Safety and Nutrition


  • 什麼是肌筋膜激痛點?
  • 伸展動作及按摩球運動
  • 按摩球運動適用部位


  • 季節養生的竅門
  • 如何分辨實火虛火
  • 季節與臟腑的關係
  • 養生敷臍貼介紹


  • 甜蜜陷阱:教你分辨糖及醣
  • 識飲識食:好醣與壞醣你懂嗎?
  • 減醣生活:醣是健康瘦身的關鍵
  • 減醣飲食法:自製健康低醣餐單

No More Struggles︰Achieve Work-Life Balance Workshop

  • Juggle it All︰Understand what is work-life balance and its significance
  • Wheel of Life︰Assess your current situation of work-life balance
  • Keep your Balance︰Strike the balance between your physical health, mental health and work life
Suggested duration:1.5-2.5 hours
Class size:no limit

Stretching Exercise

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